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Thank you for your interest in submitting a UROP research project.

To help guide your UROP project submission, you can view UROP projects from 2017 - 2020 here (you do not submit projects at the links below).

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Research Mentor Handbook

When entering information about your UROP project, please note:

  • Students accepted via a competitive admissions process into UROP will have access to the database of UROP projects at the start of the fall semester in late August.
  • Students interested in working on your project will contact you in the early Fall semester. You may select the students with whom you would like to work. You do NOT have to select a UROP student if you do not find a suitable candidate, so there is no risk to upload a project to the UROP database.
  • Students have until October 7th to secure a UROP research position. Once you select the UROP student, you have to sign the student's contract form (deadline October 7th). Students will work with you in Fall and subsequent Spring to meet one of the UROP requirements (assistantship). Students typically work between 5 to 10 hours per week on their assistantship, so please keep this in mind while submitting your project.
  • If you are an FSU faculty/grad student/postdoc participating as a UROP mentor, you are eligible to apply for the UROP Materials Grant. Please note that community research mentors are not eligible to receive the Materials Grant. Please note: Material grant applications will be accepted and funds disbursed during the spring semester.
  • You must complete an evaluation survey in order to help us grade (S/U) the student for Fall and Spring UROP colloquium classes.

NOTE: Graduate students may serve as the sole PI on a project and do not need to have their research listed under a faculty member's project.

When writing your proposal, it is beneficial to make your language as accessible to new undergraduate students as possible. Also, you might want to consider including as broad a range of student majors who are relevant to your project as possible. 

Please remember you may submit as many projects as you can suitably mentor.

Check out the UROP Research Mentor FAQs!

If you have any questions, please contact CRE Senior Associate Director, Alicia Batailles (alicia.batailles@fsu.edu). 


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